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Kevin stands on third after hitting an RBI triple (2nd)

Cooles prepares for the next play at third. (5th)

Wiley and Priore stand ready for the next play.

Jon catches a pop-fly in CF to retire the side.

Claffey is all smiles after hitting a 3-run ITP HR (5th)

Tim and Kevin share a laugh after Kevin hits his second triple. (5th)

Animation of Kevin scoring on a Lucy RBI single.

Godwin collects his thoughts after hitting an RPI triple of his own. (6th)

Stephanie hits into a ground out to end the 6th.

A-WOL catching a flare in shallow LF. (7th)

Foresto connects for a single. (7th)

Vicky eyes the pitch prior to loading the bases.

Claffey looks on as Wiley hits the ball into the outfield ...

... scoring Melissa, Foresto, ...

.. Vicky ...

... and a jubilant Wiley for an ITP Grand Slam.

Jon continues the 7th inning rally with a single.

After making an awkward swing, A-WOL watches the ball go into into RF ...

... which drives in Jon ...

.. and then A-WOL himself, who awkwardly slides across home plate for a game winning ITP HR.

Team mobs A-WOL at home plate to celebrate the win. (Post-game)

High fives and smiles all around.

A photo showing the line A-WOL formed in the dirt as he dragged his right foot across the plate.

A-WOL being A-WOL after the game.
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