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Editor’s Picks:

A-WOL makes contact with an awkward swing for an infield single. (1st)

Russ haves a chat with Jon on the mound.

Priore at bat.

Wiley scores on a Kevin RBI single.

Kevin scores on a Jon 3B.

Nolte hits into an awkward ground-out to end the inning.

Batter looks on as A-WOL nearly makes a leaping catch. (2nd)

Batter looks on as he is retired by Kelley in RF.

Tom prior to tagging 2B with his glove for a force-out.

Team readies for the next pitch.(4th)

Tim talks about the infamous "double rainbow" from 2012-G5.

Foresto prior to catching a pop fly in CF.

Lucy on 3B after advancing on an overthrow to 1B.

Bruise Rob P. suffered fielding a ball in the outfield.

Heather is forced-out at 2B on a Melissa FC.

Gowtham connects for an infield hit. (6th)

Bill examines his work after connecting for a single.

Steph loads the bases with a bloop infield pop-up.

Foresto connects for an RBI single.

Tom slams the ball for a 3B ...

... allow Steph to score ...

... but Foresto is tagged-out at the plate.

Wiley watches the ball after hitting an RBI single ...

... scoring Tom from 3B.
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