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Radar loop of a storm passing through before game time. (Pre-game)

Gowtahm poses for the camera after hitting a lead-off ITP HR. (1st)

Melissa ponders using a cricket bat in today's game.

McCauley connects for a single.

Claffey mid-swing of connecting for a base hit ...

... scoring Melissa, Wiley and himself for an ITP HR.

Stephanie scores ... (2nd)

... along with the Basham Bro. off of Jay's OTF HR.

Jon looks on as Heather prepares for the next pitch.

Priore connects for a base hit ... (3rd)

... allowing A-WOL to advance.

Foresto scores through the backdoor on the tail end of a Tim N. double play.

Jon prior to connecting for a base hit ... (4th)

... scoring Stephanie ...

... and himself for an ITP HR.

Kevin looks on as Jay crosses the plate for an ITP HR.

Melissa inspects her work as she hits into a fly out.

Claffey connects for another base hit ...

... scoring McCauley and himself for an ITP HR.

Tim Nolte shows off a clutch of lost softballs he found behind CF. (4th)

A-WOL hitting into a F8 fly-out. (5th)

Stephanie connects for an infield base hit.

Jay connects for an ITP HR ...

... which scores a diving Jon.

Wiley connects for a single ...(7th)

... and later scores on Claffey double.

Bill hits the ball foul, prior to connecting for an RBI single.

The irresistible "distraction dog" nearly cost Verdasys the game. (Postgame)

Tim Nolte pays homage to jersey number brethren Drake Britton of the Boston Red Sox.
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