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Radar animation of a storm splitting before it hits the area an hour before gametime.

The split is observed as clear skys over Waltham and as a tall storm cell to the south.

Though the storm missed the area, it did create a sun shower ...

... producing a rainbow.

Another photo of said rainbow.

This slide intentionally left blank.

Team gets ready for the game. (Pre-game)

A-WOL gets the game going by scoring on Jon's FC. (1st)

Raschi connects for a RBI 3B, scoring Jon.

Claffey connects for a 3B of his own.

Godwin hobbles home to score on Claffey’s hit after tearing a quad.

Spears connects for a lead-off double. (2nd)

Priore connects for a single, advancing Spears.

Tim Nolte examines his work prior to loading the bases with an infield single.

Priore helps Steph retrieve a ball hit into RF. (2nd)

Lucy, Jay and Heather stand ready for the next play.

Claffey with a running catch in CF.

The team watches the on-field action as A-WOL inspects the cache of game shirts. (2nd)

A-WOL sports a "Bionic Commando" hair doo while hitting a 1B into CF. (3rd)

Steph watches the pitch prior to hitting a SAC.

Jay connects for an OTF HR ...

... scoring A-WOL and Jon.

Tim Cooles reaches out and connects with the ball for an infield hit.

Genovese connects for an infield hit of her own to put runners on the corners.

Animation of Heather, Foresto and Spears at bat in the 4th. (4th)

Spears with a close force-out at 1B. (4th)

Olson's Basset Hound stopped by to catch a few innings. (6th)

A helmet wearing A-WOL mid-swing of connecting for a double into CF.

Steph connects once again for a SAC, advancing A-WOL to 3B.

Jon connects for a triple ...

... scoring A-WOL.

Raschi follows with a double ...

... scoring Jon, who then glances back to examine Jay's progress on the base pads.

Tim Cooles connects for a single ...

... scoring Jay.

These geese know something is up ...

This slide intentionally left blank.

Godwin and Kelly observe a possible wall cloud forming nearby. (Post-game)

Foresto waves good-bye as the storm nears.

Photo of storm cell by Genovese.

Photo of storm cell by Foresto.

A player waves good-bye as A-WOL snap this photo of the storm cell.

Panorama composite of the storm cell.

Radar loop of the storm system moving thru the area.

Video of the localized storm system hitting the area after the game.

After the storm passes, a rainbow forms in the clouds.

Close-up shot of said rainbow.

Said rainbow, over a backdrop of the passing storm cell with clouds of varying color.

Time-lapse video of the rainbow and passing storm clouds.

As sundown approaches, a brilliant sunset is observed.

Here's a shot of said sunset down the main road leading out of the complex.

Heather looks over the sunset from her vehicle.

The storm cloud from before now has a magenta hue.

Tim, Melissa, and Russ discuss matters as darkness nears.

A long duration radar animation showing the life of the storm system as it moved through the area.
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