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Editor’s Picks:

Foresto prepares for the next play after hitting a lead-off double. (1st)

Vickie at bat.

Jon kicks himself in the butt after hitting into a SAC ground-out at 1B.

Jay scores on a McCauley RBI single.

Claffey stands on 3B after hitting a triple ...

... but wishes he had hit an ITP HR instead. (2nd)

Tom poses for the camera after hitting an OTF HR. (3rd)

The Basham Brothers are happy with their performance in today's game.

Claffey is all smiles after watching Vickie hit an infield single. (5th)

Steph smiles after making her 2nd 1-3 force-out in a row. (7th)

Gowtham teaching A-WOL, Bill, and Yuliana how to play cricket after the game. (Post-game)

Random video footage from Game 7.
Additional Photos: