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A-WOL connects with a grounder thru 2B for a single. (1st)

Steph follows with a single of her own.

Jon poses for the camera after hitting a 3-run ITP HR.

Claffey inspects his work as he connects for a double ...

.. who later scores on a Russ RBI single.

Godwin looks on as Kevin connects for a single.

Godwin then connects for a single of this own ...

... scoring Gowtham who was pitch-running for Russ.

Cooles is all smiles as he connect for an RBI single ...

... scoring Kevin.

Melissa mid-swing of hitting into a ground out.

Gowtham is taken back after hitting a shot into shallow LF for a single. (2nd)

Yulianna makes contact for an infield single.

A dog from the B.F. bench looks on as Jon connects for his 2nd ITP HR of the afternoon. (3rd)

Russ fights nagging injuries to connect for a SAC, advancing Claffey.

Tim Nolte connects for a mean hit into shallow LF, but it would be caught for the out. (5th)

Lucy looks on as Claffey records a F8 out.

A blue moon shines over the field to signal the end of the regular season. (Post-game)

Video replay of the season finale against Bay Fin. Presented in the "Frasier" format.
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