Video Highlights
The teams's best moments in video

The following videos feature some of the best moments of the 2013 season for the softball team.

Game 4
Sports broadcast-like replay of Game 4 against MMS. Produced in 720p.

Game 5
Time-lapse video of the storm that eventually PPD'ed the game.

Game 6
Video of the localized storm system hitting the area after the game.

Game 6
Time-lapse video of the rainbow and passing storm clouds.

Game 7
Random video footage from Game 7.

Game 8
A documentary recapping how Verdasys defeated the challenging B&V team.

Game 9
Video replay of the season finale against Bay Fin. Presented in the "Frasier" format

Game P1
A-WOL's great catch, crappy throw, & outfield assist, along with Kelley's webgem.

Game P1
Video of "The Incident".